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Dragon Spa – Korean Sauna

7 Dec

Jjimjilbang is Korean traditional sauna.

Nowadays Korean jjimjulbang is changing to multi playground for families and couples.

Dragon Spa is one of the jjimjulbangs you can enjoy in Seoul City

because there are sauna, swimming pool, digital game zone, fitness club and restaurant.

Visit Dragon Spa if you want to experience real korean life with your friends or family.

Cost: Adult – 12,000 won

           Children – 6,000 won

Available Time: 24hours

Location: Drangonhills Spa   40-713   Hangangro3ga   Yonghanju   Seoul


Joon’s Sports – Yuna Kim

22 Nov

Welcome to Joon’s Sports Section

Today, I’m gonna introduce you korean figure skating Qween ‘Yuna Kim’

Like Taehwan Park, introduced by last joon’s section,

She is the first person who won the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games in figure skating.

Before her coming into sight, none of korean dares to play figure skating in Olympic games.

However, she made her wish to become Figure Qween in the world and she now become

one the most affective sports star in Korea.



Joon’s Sports: Taehwan Park

15 Nov

We have another sports hero in the swimming.

He’s name is Taehwan Park

Full name: Park Tae-hwan

Nickname: Marine Boy 

Born: 9. 27. 1989

Height: 183cm

 Weight: 74kg

Foot Size: 290mm

We call him ‘Marine Boy’. Because he was only a boy when he became the hope and the legend in Korea.

Even if Korea’s swimming system and infrastructure is poorer than any other country, he overcame all  hardships.

Also, most of people said ‘Freestyle in swimming is only the stroke for white people’, but he smiled at last.

Furthermere he defeated his own hero, Grant Hackett and got the Gold Medal in Beijing Olympic Games.

Here’s our proud Swimming Hero

Olympic Games(2008, Beijing): Gold Medal in 400m Freestyle

                                                                    Silver Medal in 200m Freestyle

World Championhips(2007, Melbourne): Gold Medal in 400m Freestyle

                                                                                           Bronze Medal in 200m Freestyle

World Championhips(2006, Shanghai): Silver Medal in 400m Freestyle

                                                                                  Silver Medal in 200m Freestyle

Asian Games(2006, Doha): Gold Medal in 200m, 400m, 1500m Freestyle

He still makes new record in Korea.

After his desperate failures in Rome World Championship, he waited for an opportunity to rise again while gnashing his teeth with rage. He was trained by Australian famouse coach, Michael Bohl, as hard as he could.

After all, he got 2010 season’s best lap time, 1min 44sec 80, in 200m freestyle and won the Asian Games Gold Medal.

 He is Our Best “Marine Boy”, Tae-hwan Park

Joon’s Real Baseball- The Legend, ChanHo Park

8 Nov

Let me introduce you Korean legend pitcher, Chanho Park

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Joon’s Real Baseball

8 Nov

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