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Samcheong-Dong ‘Slow Garden’

23 Nov



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Address: 15-1, Samcheon-Dong, Jongro-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Phone: 82-2-737-7187
Valet parking available : 2,000 won for 2 hours.
Homepage: N/A


Paper Garden – most famous restaurant in Garosugil(Tree-lined street), Sinsa-Dong, Seoul

16 Nov

The Garosugil (Tree-lined street, in Sinsa-Dong) is now most trendy street in Seoul.

On top of that, ‘Paper Garden’ now becomes one of the most famous restaurant on Garosugil.

I’ve known for a long time, I’ve never visited on that place.

My girlfriend and I visited last Sunday.

We planned to visit and we had a good time, then.

I’ve been for the first time but my girlfriend visits on a regular basis.



The pictures have more details so just click each of them. 




 Here is the maps.




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BETWEEN – ITAEWON’s neat restaurant !

9 Nov

This time also  I would introduce one of the best restaurants in Seoul.



the Italian restaurant.



It is located near the Itawon Station ( subway line 6th).

It pursues ‘dining & tapas lounge’ for couples, families and close friends.



 This is the main entrance.


And this is the terrace.


That day was my birthday. So my girlfriend and I visited this place.






We ordered two medium steaks. It was pretty normal.


With my 27th b-day cake.

It was awesome.


The breads shown above was free.

And we ordered two lemonades as well.


Great scenery!


Here is the menu.

All pastas are less than 20,000 Korean won.

Pretty good on anniversary and birthday.



124 – 7 , Itawon-Dong , Yongsan-Gu, Seoul



82 2 795 6164


Valet parking is available.

Mad for Garlic – has become famous restaurant in Seoul

12 Oct

One of the Mad for Garlic restaurants we visited was located in

Samsung town, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.


That day was my friend’s B-Day  ( June 13th 2010) ,

so I was glad that I could eat luxurious food for free !!  🙂


 This was the menu.

Various foods were provided us. 

Menu variety: 

rating   8 / 10


 This was our ‘free seafood luxurious salad’.

But taste was no taste.

rating   6 / 10


I had a spicy fried seafood rice with garlic.

It was so spicy that I kept drinking cold water.

But it was nice.

rating    8 / 10


My friend had spicy chicken pasta with garlic.

My friend said to me that this food isn’t the best food in this restaurant.


rating   7 / 10


Service rating   :   8  /  10

Overall rating  :        8   /   10


Price range  :  



6,300 – 15,000 won



12,000 – 17,000



14,000 – 18,000






15,000 – 17,000



 20,000 – 34,000



 many kinds of wines






4,000 – 7,000



4,000 – 300,000


There are 14 other stores in Seoul & outskirt 


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